Renu Mistry has shared an architectural practice -“MISTRY ARCHITECTS”- with her architect husband Sharukh for over 30 years.

Besides several residential bungalows and commercial interiors, Renu has worked on group housing, interesting conservation projects, several schools, and community service projects. During her practice she has won several national design awards.

Renu is a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects and a member of the Council of Architecture. Renu’s works were exhibited amongst 30 Women Architects from India, South East Asia & Australia at the “Women in Architecture 2000 Plus”, conference held in Bombay in Feb 2000.

Renu has now diversified to being a part of a team that designs and builds villas that incorporate green design principles.

  • Open plans with minimal walls
  • Double height volumes that interlink spaces & induce stack effect
  • Solar panels for hot water
  • Photo voltaic panels and wind mill for power generation
  • Complete rain water harvesting, filtration tank & holding tank
  • Grey water reclamation
  • Ample natural sky-lighting
  • Natural cross-ventilation that eliminates the need for air-conditioning
  • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle: Re-use of seasoned vintage windows/doors & other materials from old demolished buildings;
  • Non-toxic indoor air-quality
  • Zero-waste construction
  • Usage of local construction materials
  • Terrace garden canopy to reduce solar gain. Garden also produces native fruits for consumption
  • Roof overhangs & window awnings to reduce glare & solar gain
  • Native plants landscape with drip irrigation
  • Brightly colored walls, Murals, and art from scrap.

Renu spends her free time doing yoga, reading and travelling.