Call for ideas to build for resilience & antifragility – Recalibrating Rural India

Name of project Call for ideas to build for resilience & antifragility – Recalibrating Rural India
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General: Call for ideas :
Covid-19 has kn(l)ocked down everyone’s life and the ways we live, like a bolt from the blue! During this need of the hour, as architects wanting to render small contributions to society. Mistry architects, addressed various issues at different scales and levels that the pandemic has caused to specific stakeholders. The competition was open for firms & students across India. Two entries were shortlisted among the top 10.
“Re-calibrating Rural India – To a Post-COVID Life”:

Rural INDIA as rightly said is the heart of our country! This sudden and unprecedented wave of the pandemic formed a dense cloud of uncertainty and imbecility across the nation – predominantly affecting the people who belong to the lower strata of our societal pyramid. Eventually, this led to a pandemic of unemployment for the daily wagers. Reading through the social media and the news channels of wagers covering miles by foot without a penny in their pockets, parched and starving for meals really took us into deep thoughts about how we could give them a more dignified future!
As these unforeseen and desperate times call for desperate measures, our solution was focused on getting the city to rural areas. The profound idea is to make the solutions region specific where people/ citizens native to our rural side make a living on their own from wherever they are!
For eg: Taking the instance of Kalavar village in Mangalore, we did a thorough study on the statistics of the townlet, their local skillsets and resources from which we narrowed down the main focus that these policies would encompass. This pertains to the improvement of their well-being and supports community participation, creating local self-governance and economic zones while making the regional bodies stronger. Since the village is situated on the coastline of Mangalore, acknowledging the coastal activities were also vital since fisheries were the main industries bringing in revenue to the Government.
“What we sow is what we reap!” – When we create a world that looks after the betterment of people we invest in the current for our future!