Karona Kuch – BIEC

Name of project Karona Kuch – BIEC
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General: Call for ideas – Karona Kuch

“How do we make the world a better place as designers in a society that is stuck in global threat?”
A thorough reflection of how we were all stuck in our homes due to Covid-19 and made use of the productive time were replicated in making the spaces we previously designed to be converted into relief camps, centers and facilities.
Yes! This idea surfaced through the gates of our imagination when the world stumbled upon how migrants and people from different cities were traveling to their natives and millions of them rendering homeless.
What would be an immediate and temporary solution for this adverse effect on people? As simple as utilizing our public buildings as a make-shift facility for this social cause. How can a simple theatre or a mall be utilized for people who in other ways do not own a living?
Showcased here are some ways in which we took a step ahead and converted some of our well-known community-owned projects to a facility.

“Social distancing”
“Hospitals and beds”

………are a few words constantly ringing in our ears since the pandemic unveiled itself. For the ones who belonged to the privileged part of the social spectrum and had a roof over their head Here we had an uncanny calling towards focusing on the
In this spectre we wanted to dig a little deep into the situation of migrant workers and how we as designers and a fraternity of architects can help repurpose the BIEC, Bengaluru into a relief zone/ camp. Spread over 10lakh sq. Ft of the area and 5 exhibition halls became a point of action and could be used as:
1. Rehabilitation of migrant workers
2. Activate or passive community medical support
3. Spread awareness in terms of facts and educate people more about the virus.
The beauty of this place, having huge spans without any columns hindering the area, perfectly fitting into the first rule in the book of a relief camp – we found simple ways in which this could be used in a brilliant yet decisive manner.
“Listen to the voices that one seldom hears!” – this insightful initiative from IIID gave us lateral thinking and made us think outside our comfort zones, converting this man-made tragedy into a meaningful response.