Karona Kuch – Rangashankara

Name of project Karona Kuch – Rangashankara
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General: Call for ideas – Karona Kuch

“How do we make the world a better place as designers in a society that is stuck in global threat?”
A thorough reflection of how we were all stuck in our homes due to Covid-19 and made use of the productive time were replicated in making the spaces we previously designed to be converted into relief camps, centers and facilities.
Yes! This idea surfaced through the gates of our imagination when the world stumbled upon how migrants and people from different cities were traveling to their natives and millions of them rendering homeless.
What would be an immediate and temporary solution for this adverse effect on people? As simple as utilizing our public buildings as a make-shift facility for this social cause. How can a simple theatre or a mall be utilized for people who in other ways do not own a living?
Showcased here are some ways in which we took a step ahead and converted some of our well-known community-owned projects to a facility.
Rangashankara, our very renowned project is a celebrated performing arts theatre located in the heart of Bengaluru city. We found its profound need to be converted into a community centre for local actions since our entire country was under lockdown and public gatherings were not acknowledged.
The solutions to this kind were as simple as short-term counselling space for physiologically affected inmates, repurposing the existing cafeteria into a for the stranded, a small stall that can provide factual data regarding Covid etc.
“OUR PURPOSE OF DESIGN BECAME EMPATHY” is the driving force for us even today and this could be one perfect instance of how we see zeal and positivity in a world that showcased only despair in times. As designers and architects, one biggest takeaway from this analysis was “This is the time to come out of your comfort zone and do the needful to the society of which we have always been a part!”