Lawrence School

Finalist in a design competition, the design strives to get children out into the open

Name of project Lawrence School
Location Ooty
Project Type Competition (School Campus)
client Lawrence School Management
Year of completion
Built up area 81,690 sft
Plot area 4 acres
finalist in a design competition, the design strives to get children out into the open

School buildings need to be designed with a high degree of freedom to allow for diversity in the mode of education .Lounges and nooks stimulate the imaginative activities, spaces connecting classrooms and dormitories are in many cases created as a place of relaxation and refreshing of minds through close contact with nature .
Learning is not orchestrated interaction between the teachers and the students inside the class room. Innovative concepts and new methods emphasise on creating an environment for the purpose .In an epoch where education is forward looking, school buildings must allow adaptability and be flexible to absorb

A sense of fraternity and belonging is inculcated in the children through the open plan. The absence of of physical barriers within the spaces and common spaces along the street encourages interaction and togetherness
The different requirements of the junior school are distributed between two blocks – school & dormitories . This is done with a view to increase functionality with similar functions clubbed together and also to promote interaction between the students.

The multitude of views and vistas occurring on the site is taken advantage of by the orientation of the blocks There is a central spine around which are larger spaces designed to accommodate the boundless energy of children.

Students are able to leave the confines of the buildings and run, talk and enjoy each others company before re entering the more controlled and subdued environment of academic structures

There is maximum utilization of natural slope so as to avoid cut and fill as far as possible, and therefore maintain the natural settings of the site

Natural systems take from their environment , but they also give something back. There is no such thing as waste …The idea is to bring the same sensibility into our design