Envisioning a Lunar experience and a research center

Name of project Moonception
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envisioning a lunar experience and a research center

Our very first stint with volume Zero competitions became a memorable one since we were shortlisted among the top 25 Entries across the world!
“Envisioning a Lunar experience and a research center” was the idea brief and to be able to think beyond the box and showcase our designs with thought processes was truly a commendable learning experience for us. The main ideology and challenges were to reimagine the idea of urban dwellings and come up with inventive solutions to address the issues of space crunch and the growing population in our cities.
With time-traveling to the future and envisioning how habitation in possible in the lunar surface was an insightful ordeal. We went one step ahead and designed various levels – each level designated for a particular usage of space within the controlled environment. The concept of terrariums and spider webs was our driving force since we believe in the fact that everything we design has to connect with principles of nature and biophilic science. Adding a feather to the cap, this structure also makes use of the debris collected from the Lunar surface for what we are certain to be the cradle-to-cradle approach!
With this design, we merged design and technology seamlessly to welcome humankind in a never known atmosphere. As rightly said architecture is the amalgamation of various aspects and sub-fields of sciences!