Café Gazebo

"The driving force behind the re-use was functional and financial."

Name of project Café Gazebo
Location Clover Green Golf Course, Bengalore
Project Type Hospitality
client Clover greens golf club
Year of completion 2009
Built up area 1422 sqft
Plot area 200 acres
Contractor M/s. Pavithra projects
Photography Anand
"the driving force behind the re-use was functional and financial."

The management of the clover green golf development felt the need for a temporary recreation space for the players till the clubhouse was functional. Thus came about the inception of the Café “GAZE”-by project, which included gazebos, restrooms, a golf instructor’s room and a small kitchen. The café is set beside a rain water holding pond on the golf course.
Shipping containers used to transport golf equipment to the site were repurposed to create the structures. Openings were made by cutting out the walls of the containers. These cut out pieces were salvaged, used in the remodeling of the containers

A light roof with deep overhangs protected the spaces from the heat ingress.The area is detached from the grid, hence passive solar and wind energy was used for the functioning of the facility.The immediate surroundings have been landscaped using low maintenance indigenous plants