Office at Eco Park

“An ephemeral structure inspired by the form of a bird taking off”

Name of project Office at Eco Park
Location Hyderabad
Project Type Commercial
Year of completion 2010
Built up area
Plot area
“an ephemeral structure inspired by the form of a bird taking off”

This site was a part of an eco park and night safari zone in Hyderabad.  It being an eco – sensitive zone, the challenge was to build on a rocky outcrop as the laws did not allow any permanent building footprint or any concrete construction

An attempt to layer out spaces on different levels of the rocky outcrop, the magnificent roof form is inspired by that of the flight of a bird and hence the name of the project.

The rock which was taller was used as the main anchor and the floor spaces were carved out of the rocks around the same.

Rocks were benched in a few areas and spaces were carved out using a diamond cutter, these benched rocks were used as walls in some areas

Another issue to tackle was the hot and dry climate of Hyderabad, as livable/ usable spaces on rocks would have more heat ingress,  hence a moat was created all around

moats set around rocks, bold steel trusses anchored into the main boulder and interaction of various materials are significant features of the design.

The roof is sloped to the anchor rock and all the rainwater is connected into the moat which is recycled and circulated.

The internal temperature is maintained by the use of bamboo underlay of the metal roof, and the stone walls control the heat gain