Wipro Corporation Ltd

"Is the Wipro corporate campus just a group of buildings on 11.5 acres of land or is it more?  if it is more than what are the specifics?..”

Name of project Wipro Corporation Ltd
Location Sarjapur road, Bangalore
Project Type Public buildings -Corporate Campus
client Wipro Corporation Ltd
Year of completion 2000
Built up area 300, 000 sq.ft
Plot area 11.5 Acres
Contractor Larsen and Toubro
Photography Pallon Daruwalla
"is the wipro corporate campus just a group of buildings on 11.5 acres of land or is it more?  if it is more than what are the specifics?..”

We designed spaces and facilities within and outside the buildings that enabled intuitive interaction and creative thinking and helped keep mind and body ticking.

–       Created a lot of meeting places in the campus for participatory and proactive interaction.
–       We have made people take pride in their place of work as well as their product.
–       Incorporated art in architecture.
–       And finally on an esoteric level outlined “the big picture” of helping people self-actualize and create a win-in situation for all.

The triggers that got us going was the site and the clients brief.  The site had a very strong character with its contours and the brief lent even greater excitement.  Building with the lay of the land and capturing vistas became fundamental to our quest for a design solution.

Parking was a very important issue and we convinced Wipro to put it below grade.  The counter of the land helped in the minimal excavation.  This also helped us landscape the entire site with no cars in view.  The result was an unmarried green surrounding for the entire campus and no one looked out of their offices into a parking lot.

The excitement of the countryside, beautiful gardens, water courts, open windows (no curtain glazing here) – rooms with a view as opposed to a box office.  We have created a feeling of one going on a picnic, a gait in each step, a hum or a whistle on one’s lips.

Wipro had strong ethics of taking care and applying thought but we have gone beyond that brief.  We added the dimensions of ecological and environmental concerns.We sensitized ourselves and our clients to their environment and learn to respect it.

Right from the beginning along with our consultants, we intended that Wipro should apply for ISO 14001 certification (Environmental Management Systems). Wipro proudly displays this certificate. Fundamentally we took care of a lot of ecological issues much before it became fashionable to talk about them. This was done by

–     A comprehensive water management system including holding ponds is set in place by storm water
harvesting.  This helped us recharge our aquifers.
–     A sewage treatment plant was set up to recycle waste water
–     Solar systems are installed in our guest facilities.