Culture Shock

“attitude was a design intent…….. “

Name of project Culture Shock
Location SNS Plaza, Shivananda Circle, Bangalore
Project Type Interior/Retail
client Mr. Govindraj
Year of completion 2003
Built up area 350 sq.ft approx.
Plot area
Contractor Ravi Raju
“attitude was a design intent…….. “

The idea was to create a fun and lively ambiance since this was a retail outlet for clothing targeting the young customer.

The metal mannequins with an attitude was a design intent, to highlight the style of clothes.The jaunty stick figures with faceless but youthful visages, punk like metal ponytails that spring into the air and skinny purple arms had casual and lanky chic written all over them. The spiffy stick figures are versatile…. some sprawling in a relaxed fashion on the floor, some emerging out of the walls or carrying cane baskets. The stereotypical shelving was dispensed with, instead, these metal sculptural elements became the display for the clothing.In contrast to the contemporary use of metal, there is an element of rootedness, brought in by the use of exposed fire clay bricks for the walls and flooring. The stairs use a combination of metal & glass and the China mosaic flooring in shades of yellow, off-white and orange, provides a springy feel to the interior. The materials are minimally worked on, to give the best vibes.