the perfect stitch between the street and "Halli mane"[village home].

Name of project Hallimane
Location Bangalore, Karnataka
Project Type Interiors
client Dosa camp
Year of completion 2003
Built up area 6000 sq.ft.
Plot area 12000 sq.ft.
Contractor Ravi Raju
Photography Pallon
 the perfect stitch between the street and "halli mane"[village home].

“Halli – mane”, which means “village – home”, is a restaurant in Malleswaram, the culturally rich area of Bangalore. The client wanting the ambiance of a village home set the theme for the place. Halli-mane is a structure infused with light, color and sense of playfulness. The interiors flow into the exterior harmonizing the participation of the built form with its surroundings. By extending the serving counters towards the street and by not defining the boundaries, we achieve a perfect stitch between the street and “Halli mane”[village home].

The large openings in the walls visually allow the customer to participate in the activities on the street.

The use of glass and Mangalore tiles on the dormers of the roof allows ample light and ventilation. The use of bright colors in the china mosaic cladding on the walls floors & structural steel, evoke a relaxed and festive air and breaks the monotony of the large expanse of terracotta floor tiles, while also defining the movement pattern.

The story for the mosaic work that is seen in the interior is of a young Brahmin boy, who is hiding in different locations in the home and trying to steal food. Glimpses of his face, leg, and hand are integrated with motifs of the rice pot, banana leaf & the pumpkin, that form an integral part of the south Indian cooking is reflected throughout the interior decor.