" a wholesome organic experience ..."

Name of project Ramanas
Location Bangalore, Karnataka
Project Type Interiors (Hospitality )
client Ramanas
Year of completion 2000
Built up area 1200 sq.ft.
Plot area 850 sq.ft.
Contractor Ravi raju
Photography Pallon Daruwalla
  " a wholesome organic experience ..."

Ramanas is a 60 cover restaurant on Cunningham Road dedicated to the memory of ‘Ramana Maharishi’. It is based on the Guru’s concept of universality. The tree of life which is a main feature in the restaurant is a symbol of universality too and yet there is a lucid suggestion of ethnicity in the interiors shown by the use of vernacular mural designs of “warli”.

The elements used in the interiors are kept to the bare minimum. Materials like rubber wood offers a warm ambience to the space within.

The design concepts and colour scheme evolved from the three essential elements of Indian cooking namely Chilly (Red), Turmeric (Yellow) and Coriander (Green). Jars filled with spices have been incorporated into partitions adding ‘Spice’ to the decor.